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How long does it take to get the EPIC after registering as a new?

Well! I see a lot of varied opinion on this matter. This shows it depends upon your location, document and also BLO etc. (IT TOOK ME ONLY 21 DAYS TO GET THE VOTER ID) But for me, it was very fast. I applied on 13 March and on 25 March my application was accepted. My field verification was done in a week-The BLO called me and asked me to bring the documents to her house which is just .6 km away. It was super easy. On 26th March EPIC was generated: I received my voter Id card on 2nd April which is within a week of the EPIC was generated. It was a very easy and quick process. Hope it helps anyone wanting to get the ID. Proud to be a voter - Ready to vote And I voted on 12th May. Dont ask whom did I vote! ;)

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