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How do I register the mobile number for my card?

The reason behind getting error message "Mobile number is not registered for your card.kindly contact your home branch "while registering your sbi debit card on verified by visa site is as follow:when your opening your bank account with the bank ,sbi employees are issuing bank passbook and sbi debit card.while opening your account they are just entering your entire details but not entering your debit card details they are just linking your sbi debit card with your bank account that's why whenever you use your card at ATM you areReceiving sms for transaction but when same thing you transact online your getting error message saying your mobile number is not registered. solution :visit your home branch ask them to show your sbi debit card details you will see no name,mobile number and address in your sbi debit card details.just tell them to update your details or apply for new ATM cum sbi debit card... that is how problem is to be solved i hope this information is useful for you all .....dinesh kumar

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