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How can I register my email ID and phone number in an Aadhar card -?

You have Aadhaar Card, now you want to update your current address! Do you need to correct name, father name or mobile number? Would you like to change name, gender, date of birth, address or mobile number? well, now it is very easy to Aadhar card update, change or correct. You have Four ways to do this, one is sending an update, correct or change request through online - In Online two method are there. Second way is to send request to update or change through post and 3rd one :visit nearest enrollment center. Here you get complete process with snapshots for these two ways. If you would follow the below procedure it would be easy to update your aadhaar details. How to change, update or correct aadhar card online ?(how to add mobile number in aadhaar card) 1. Offline sending Request through post click here If mobile number not registered to aadhar card, this is only one method to request for mobile number registration and also update, or correction aadhar card data by sending request through post. click here And Also Update aadhar card by visitingNearest Enrollment Center. 2.Update Data Through Online Request (Online Update Method(2nd): Registered Mobile Number is mandatory to receive One Time Password for login ) If phone number is not registered to aadhar card we have chance to register online(1st Method)

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