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How can I register a marriage in India?

If you want to marry according to civil form in India then you need to give notice for marriage to the Marriage Officer under the Special Marriage Act 1954 in the district where you have been living for at least one month on the date of giving notice for marriage. After the notice period which is 30 days the marriage will be solemnised and registered by the Marriage Officer cum Registrar in presence of only 3 witnesses known to the parties to marriage. Proof of age, address and identity of the parties to marriage and identity of the witnesses will be required and these need to be official documents only. Fee for marriage and registration as per the prescribed rates in the district and the state. In case you have already got married according to the religious form of marriage, then get that marriage registered with the Marriage Registrar of the district where the marriage was solemnised and the parties are living. For that the appropriate application for registration under the State Marriage Registration Act it the Hindu Marriage Act as the case may be, with proof of wedding like wedding card, photographs of marriage ceremony, age, address and identity proof of the parties. The 24 witnesses with identity proof. All official documents for the purposes of proof of age, address and identity required. Fee for the registration as per the prescribed rates in the district and the state.

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